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Alloy Spars

Fast Features

Stainless Steel Spreader Bracket for Quick and Accurate Adjustment

Spreader Arms Fully Adjustable for Length

Unique Sail Entry makes for Easier Sail Hoisting

Improved Stronger, Stiffer Adjustable Mainsheet Sliders

Optional Tapered Outboard End

Strengthened Casting with Sheave for Clew Outhaul Control System

All our Aluminium sections have added Magnesium content to increase DYNAMIC GUST RESPONSE. This important feature has been a significant race winning factor in many International Classes and should not be underrated.

The Super Spars Spinnaker Poleis designed and manufactured from specially selected materials and features a fine taper and anodised finish for low windage and protection. Optional centre fittings: ramp (shown), or
large eye for hook.

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