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Dynamic Gust Response

What is it and why do you need it?

This is the magic ingredient that is designed into all the Super Spars masts. It gives controlled bend and recovery response for differing wind strengths or gusty conditions, allowing the leech of the sail to be more positive.

The new and very successful M7-Plus Alloy section is an example of this. We recently increased the magnesium content of the alloy which has increased the spring recovery rate of the spar, adding to greater performance from the sails, particularly in gusty wind conditions. The M7-Plus section is quickly becoming the 'mast to have' in the International 470 Class, replacing the popular Super Spars M7 section.This new M7-Plus section is ideal for other Class applications where more sail power may be needed, such as the International Fireball.

The three diagrams below show how the upper side bend of the mast responds to gusts, releasing the upper leech uniformly, then recovering. This makes sailing in gusty conditions smoother, allowing the boat to be kept upright and keeping it at full speed.

Dynamic Gust Response in CARBON MASTS

Originally developed for Alloy spars, the DGR factor has been emulated by our own considerable design work for our Carbon sections. We have created the same Dynamic Gust Response into the construction of every Carbon Spar. That's why it takes a length of time to develop the section for each Class - but it's worth the wait!

Check out the large number of Carbon sections we have available.

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