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Carbon Booms

Advantages and technical information

These are amazing products. The lightness of these booms (around 50% of the weight of equivalent aluminium) is very impressive and have they proven reliablity. To keep things simple most booms are supplied for loose footed mainsails. The sail clew has a strop to slide over the end of the boom. The kicker has a webbing strap and more often than not the mainsheet connection is a loop of rope through an eye on the top face.

We have 2 round and one oval standard boom sections available. The standard round versions are equivalent to our alloy B1 & B2 sections.

Although the standard boom sections suit many classes, we also have variations in lay-up which permit us to modify the mechanical and dynamic characteristics for classes that require stronger booms and that allows extra strength and stiffness to be placed just where it is needed.

It is an undisputed truth that roll wrapped and male/female moulded tubes will be lighter and cheaper than equivalent strength filament wound carbon tubes (or stronger for the same weight). Unlike filament wound tubes, we have the advantage that we can achieve true zero degree fibre orientation, resulting in a stronger and stiffer tube for like for like dimensions.

Is it surprising that there are very few filament wound components on a Formula 1 racing car ?

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