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Our Aluminium Spar Technologies

The magic ingredient that is designed into all the Super Spars masts tubes is increased magnesium. It gives controlled bend and recovery response for differing weight of crew, wind strengths or gusty conditions, allowing the leech of the sail to be more positive.

The new and very successful M7 Plus Alloy section is an example of this. We increased the magnesium content of the alloy which has increased the spring recovery rate of the spar, adding to greater performance from the sails, particularly in gusty wind conditions.

We have now completed the process of added Magnesium content to all our sections to increase the dynamic gust response. This important development has been a significant factor in the 470 Olympic classes and should not be underrated. It is essential that you use this alloy as it ensures that the mast or boom tube has the tensile resilience and hardness to ensure that the tube bends and flexes to achieve fast spring recovery rate giving dynamic gust responsiveness.

The M7-Plus section has quickly become the 'mast to have' in the International 470 Class. Whilst visiting some 470 dinghy parks at the last few years international events your view is drawn the mass of red and yellow Super Spars mast stickers covering just about every mast. The M7-Plus section is ideal for other national and international sailing classes where you have to control the sail power.

This additional magnesium gives the mast tube a greater degree of memory. This means that over a long period of time you mast tube remain the same shape in its straightness and tensile strength. Therefore there is very little deformation and material creep occurs over the lifetime of a Super Spars aluminium section. This gives a much faster spring recovery rate which allows the rig to depower whilst quickly returning its rightful position keeping maximum boat speed.

Coupling the finest Aluminium Alloy with the use of the most advanced design techniques, materials and sophisticated manufacturing methods have resulted in a range of Mast Tubes with very low weight per meter, low centre of gravity to reduce pitching. This optimises the bend characteristics for your dinghy class, increases boat speed and maximise manageable performance in all wind conditions.

The manufacturing process used to taper the mast mean that we produce an accurate, consistent taper which is lighter by using a special manufacturing and fuse welding processes. The result is a stiff light weight tip, which results in a lower centre of gravity which is much desired.

This memory, resilience and tensile strength then are enhanced by the consistent heat treatment which is carried out after the tapering process.

This alloy is not only strong but also resistant to chemical corrosion which is then anodised to put a protective film on the surface of the mast tube to protect it against salt and metallic corrosion.


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