Carbon fibre spars

Grey coloration can appear after a while especially if the mast is stored in the open.
This is due to (normal) UV effects on the bonding resin used in the laminate, which is minimised during the production process by pushing as much resin as possible to the inside of the tube.

Painting or clear lacquering can help the appearance and protect against UV attack (but will become a maintenance task). We do not varnish or lacquer new carbon masts as there is a delicate trade between u.v. protection versus the on going maintenance task that is created.  

Depending on the amount of refinishing required, we recommend a clean with a suitable solvent (acetone) to remove any grease followed by a light rub with scotchbrite to key the surface. Remove any dust before varnishing (acetone again).

We recommend a good twin pack lacquer. Many good brands exist (eg Blakes).

You should rub back to sound material if there is flaking. Avoid breaking into the surface fibres This will need a slightly more aggressive preparation sufficient to remove the existing lacquer. The cleaning may be a bit superfluous if you have a lot of material to remove! Take care not to sand too aggressively as it is possible to cause damage…

 Obviously you should take all necessary health and safety precautions.