CARBON MASTS FOR DINGHIES & SPORTSBOATS Much time and effort at Super Spars has been spent recently developing the carbon spars division. We introduced a world beating range of spars in just 2 years - something that took 10 to 12 years to achieve in aluminium! What's more, the range is far more extensive than we could possibly achieve with our aluminium range. All our masts are made to a top specification - "built to a standard, not to a price". The construction is superior to all other spars available and this demonstrates itself in strength to weight ratios and reliability. We have not had a single failure that can be attributed to manufacturing quality. A few have broken when customers have made slots in the mast and created a weak spot or some kind of genuine accident or mismanagement.

Why the Superspars Tube is Better Ultimate Production and Design Control

Our tubes all incorporate tapered upper section, uniform bend characteristic with DGR. They have been developed for high performance racing and have been proven FAST!

Note: The reference refers to the outside diameter of the tube x the wall thickness (ie. Cherub 5515 = diameter 55mm x wall thickness 1.5mm). The '+' denotes enhanced fore-aft stiffness.

505 6015
Boss 7020+
British Moth 5515
Cherub 5515
Contender 6015
Flying Dutchman 6020+
H Jolie 6520+
International Canoe 5520
International Moth 5515
K 6 6020+
Merlin Rocket 5515
Micro 18 6520+
MRX 5520
National 18 7020+
National Twelve 5515
Norfolk Punt 7023+
Osprey 6020++
Phantom 6015,5520, 5030
RS 300 Special unstayed
RS 600 6020+
RS 700 6020
Thames A Rater 8020+
Racer Cruisers 8020+
Vario Special unstayed
Viper 640 7023+
Viper 830 - see report 9020+

Super Spars have developed a new range of carbon sections for a number of Classes. If your Class is interested in a development Carbon section then contact us NOW! >

TOP MAST SECTIONS The very latest in our development programme are TAPERED TOPMAST SECTIONS. These are packed with added performance over existing two piece alloy tubes that just plug together. Just replace the top section with the new Super Spar tapered carbon section.

These topmast sections include> dgr - Dynamic Gust Response>, a design feature build into all our Alloy and Carbon masts. This gives better rig control, especially in gusty conditions. It makes sailing easier, faster and more pleasurable. The Topmast section offers a performance boost at an affordable price for all types of Classes using two piece sections such as:

PICO - TOPPER - LASER - LIGHTENING If your Class is interested in a development Carbon topsection then contact us NOW!

Note: Super Spar topmast sections have been developed to replace, enhance and improve existing top sections which are simple non tapered tubes. Check with your Class Rules and watch for rule changes that may shortly allow this performance upgrade.

Contact us now by email if you want to know more.

90 lbs to 34 lbs!

Alloy spars on the Thames "A" Raters are being replaced by Super Spars CARBON rigs. Typical weightsaving is a reduction of the mast weight from 99 lbs to 34 lbs!

NEWS - VIPER 830 - GREAT SUCCESS WITH SUPERSPARS In Quay West Week, the Viper 830 USA Day Racer was provided with a Super Spars carbon stick to devastating effect. The mast being over 12 metres long was made in Super Spars 9020+ section with enhanced fore and aft stiffness. This section weighed the same as your average aluminium dinghy mast section (1.05 Kg/M). This replaced the USA made carbon mast whose weight was double that of the Super Spar! The increased strength, stiffness and build quality of the Super Spar allowed the use of only one spreader set as against the original two - this in itself is a significant weight saving. The owner reports that by only changing to a Super Spar he had gained two minutes a beat over other Viper 830. Super Spars with their vast experience of performance dinghy and sports boats masts, was able to bring about significant design enhancements.