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New Kit on the Block

As we get into the New Year some of you have already embarked on this year's campaign by participating in the annual winter pursuit events or a winter series at the local clubs and some of us are busy preparing our boats and ourselves for the demands of the coming season. Some of that preparation will include routine maintenance, gear upgrade and replacement and some of us may be eagerly awaiting the arrival of the brand new boat ordered some months ago.

We are blessed with time honoured suppliers and well established products and although the 3D and Aeroweb sails were introduced to our fleet last year we have witnessed mostly fine tuning from the boat builders and sail makers for a few years now.

It’s important to have development in the class as long as it stays within the national rules that we so cherish, but it’s refreshing when we see new products introduced and that’s why the launch of the new M2 mast from Superspars should receive a warm welcome. This is the latest in a line of masts from

Super Spars and their presence in the fleet goes back years. The M7 was the mast of choice for many in the past and the for those now looking for a stiffer section the M2 should be seriously considered as it not only maintains the magic ingredient that is designed into all the Super Spars masts tubes, increased magnesium which continues to give controlled bend and recovery response, but being 9% stiffer fore & aft, 5% stiffer sideways than the M7 will be capable of delivering more power from the sails for the heavier helm in all conditions.

Add to this the weight, a respectable 1.065Kg/m and a very low centre of gravity to reduce pitching it becomes a very viable option.

Over the next few months Jon Clarke at Edge sails will be developing a choice of sails to compliment the mast bend characteristics and both of us will be using the M2 over the coming season and I for one am eager to see how it performs? We both hope to be ever present on the Solo circuit and at the Championships so happy to share our experience and give an honest appraisal of the mast performance from an experienced circuit racer and a club sailor’s perspective.

If you are now wanting more information on the M2 then call Simon Bevan at Super Spars who will be more than willing to spend time answering any questions you may have.

Looking forward to getting out there but the small matter of a complete boat refurbish to finish first? Don’t you just love a bit of wood!!

Belated New Year Wishes to you all

Paul Bristow Solo 4483

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